Shine Brighter

March 24, 2018

Shine Brighter


Shine brighter.

Aim higher.

Flame of passion in your heart? let's start a fire.

That flame is lit...

Sky's the limit

Go ahead and be the pilot...of your Jet Blue sky.

Set flight in your Boeing...

Let’s keep it going.

Feel that artistic spark, let's keep it growing.

Feel that magic, of your passion, let's keep that flowing.

Don’t you EVER let it die, just let it fly.

Don’t lose focus on your vision, stay eye to eye.

Don’t them knock you down, thinking' you had a good try,

Stand back up even stronger, kiss them haters good-bye.


Don't let your talents expire...

Artistic ability, your soul's desire.

Let your heart guide you -that's how you inspire.

Be a leader, step up, when your back's to the wire...

Stay positive through the adversity, always remain a fighter. 


If they got you cornered, or you feel like giving up

Look forward, push onward, be the best you, remember you are enough.

Be confident, creative, communicate effectively, 

Be grateful, & generous lifting up those next to me... rejuvenate...

Be yourself & watch positivity illuminate...

And trust, me you'll shine brighter than ever before.


© Cheree Alexander, 2015

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