Back in the Day

March 19, 2018

Back in the day


Back in the day I was shy, I used to cry, now I kiss those tears goodbye.

I used to care what you thought of me, thought your opinion was important, but your opinion was false.

I take control over my life, I am the Boss!

Back in the day, I would go where we used to play,

And only remembered the evil words you used to say, now I look back and smile.

I’m killin’ em with confidence, life is worthwhile!

Killin’ em with kindness and watch me shine right through.

Confidence, kindness -got abstract words killin’ you.

You used to spit mean things, now my life has meaning,

Nothing’s got me trippin, not even one thing.

I know how to shine now, like the sun,

Go ‘head and try to throw shade.

 And you won’t break me down.

Don’t’ try to cross me, or you will be broken down.

Your words used to be in my head, rip me to shreds,

Now, I sleep peacefully in my bed.

I have overcome your torment, all I do now is fly,

Nowhere to go but up,

Look up! and watch me rise!



© Cheree Alexander, 2015


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